Strategy Games: The Best of 2013

If you find mind boggling games that don’t involve question and answer interesting, then you might as well play strategy games. Strategy games primarily involve planning and knowing when or how to attack wherein you are required to get through a level before you can proceed to the next. These types of games are released in the market today in different file types. They are made available for computers, cellphones, tablets, Xbox, Nintendo 3DS, or PlayStation. In fact, most of them can be played online. To give you an idea about which strategy game to download and install, here is a list of the best strategy games for the year 2013.

• Command & Conquer: Generals 2

Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is a strategy game developed by BioWare. It is a sequel to Command & Conquer: Generals. Basically, it makes use of a high technology graphics which makes its virtual world look realistic; however, because of this, it is not supported by Windows XP since they do not have DirectX 9. This is primarily the reason why if you want to watch this game, you might have to check whether it matches the features of your computer.

• Starcraft II: Heart of The Swarm

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is actually the second part of Starcraft II. It features 20 missions that are set after the events of the Wings of Liberty. Here, players will know the story of Kerrigan and the Zerg. In addition, seven players are allowed to play the game and you will be able to notice a lot of differences in the existing units and buildings. Aside from that, its graphics is also improved where the designs of various characters are upgraded.

• SimCity

SimCity is a game that can be played by children and adults. Here, you will be able to build your own city using virtual simulation which is based from what we normally see in the real world; traffic, water, pollution, and so on. It is basically a form of virtual real world. Unlike some of this game’s prequel, you will know see other cities near the city you have built; all of which are influencing each other.

Strategy Games: The Best of 2013

• Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening is a game designed for Nintendo 3DS. Unlike the prequels of Fire emblem, this new game allows players to personalize their own character; that is, they can now create their own character. Aside from that, they can now control a team that will battle with them throughout the stages of the game.

The Top Online Strategy Games in 2013

The success of the cyber world games is hard to defeat, most especially that there are so many new games that pops out every minute of the day, caters to a wide market from babies to adults even grandparents. Contrary to a lot of concerns about computer games, it is a good thing to know that the makers of these games have constantly changed and they are more to the value and quality of the games rather than pure entertainment alone.

The Top Online Strategy Games in 2013

In 2013, the top online strategy games are the following:

Starcraft 2. For anyone who loves strategy games, Starcraft 2 is one of the best choices to try. It has earned the respect of games enthusiasts and became one of the most popular games around the world. The game caters for single players and multi-player experience online.

Command and Conquer. This game offers a real-life environment where players can enjoy. Throughout the game, players can access to have additional machinery and people like soldier, fighter jets, tanks, helicopters and even a deadly weapon, nuclear missiles. As much as you enjoyed Generals, watch out for the sequel, Generals 2.

Empire Earth. A game created by Rick Goodman who is also the lead designer of Age of Empires. It came out in 2001 and until now, it has kept its excellence given the current standards. There are two sequels of the game but did not get the attention of gamers, so the best option is to have the original game.

The Top Online Strategy Games in 2013

World in Conflict. This was released in 2009 and well-known for their excellent games for both single and multi-player games. The graphics are very impressive and the characters are interesting that the player can create commanding units such as tanks, an infantry and helicopters.

Empire: Total War. The game made its debut in 2009 that offers players a chance to become leaders of nations like Spain, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Ottoman empire and Russia. This game features an impressive structure for multi-player games an episode to watch out for single players. Also, there are ladders and leagues in the game.

Red Alert 2. Red Alerts 2 is a sequel of the popular game Command and Conquer. This is an interesting game because players can experience how is it like to be an Ally, Soviets or yet an Empire. The plot of the game is unpredictable because of the time travel device so the player will be guessing during the whole experience.

Rise of Nations. The birth of Rise of Nations was in 2003, designed by the popular Brian Reynolds. The game is focused on ancient times, 6,000 years ago and the weapons range from sling shots, cannons and stealth bombers.

These are the top online strategy games for 2013.

Strategy Games for your iPad

You will be able to find a lot strategy games for iPad in the app store. Because of that, however, finding the best games can be a very challenging and tedious task. Before you go searching for games, make sure that you already have an account in iTunes. Here is a list of some of the best strategy games available in iPad’s app store today.

• TowerMadness

TowerMadness is one of the most downloaded iPad games in the app store. It involves protecting a flock of sheep from invading aliens. The sheep is protected through electrocuting aliens and shooting down the aliens. There is also an amplification tower that helps develop other towers.

• The Walking Dead: Assault

If you are a fan of this show, you’ll absolutely enjoy playing this game. The Walking Dead: Assault is a strategy game that has the zombie apocalypse setting. The game starts with the main character, Rick, waking up in a nearby hospital and his journey through killing and surviving from the zombies.

Strategy Games for your iPad

• Clash of Clans

Strategy Games for your iPad

Clash of Clans is an iPad online strategy game where you get to build and improve a virtual village that will attract opponents from other parts of the world. To defend your village and attack your opponents, you must be able to create a large army. And because you’re village will be attacked from time to time, it is important that you constantly improve and upgrade your buildings.

Strategy Games for your iPad

• Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is a prequel to the original Plants Vs. Z where you need to plant plants that will defend your property from the zombies. In order for you to plant these plants, you may need to collect as many suns as you can get by planting a sunflower. Aside from that, Plants vs. Zombies 2 are packed with new features and add-ons that you haven’t experienced from the original version.

Online RPG for Starters

There are a lot of role-playing games (RPG) online that you’ll absolutely enjoy. Not only will it give you the thrill of the game, but it will also allow you to interact and meet new people across the globe. Aside from that, you will be able to find a wide selection of RPGs that vary according to characters, stories, and even graphics. Truth be told, you must have an active imagination for you to be able to truly enjoy the game.

How to Play RPG Games Online

As mentioned above, you will be able to encounter a lot of RPGs online. You can choose from chat-based games, text-based games, or graphics-based games. Although they might be different from each other, they have one thing in common: and that is, they are based on stories where you will be able to virtually role play them.

Some of the stories of this game is based from book series and movies. However, most of them are based from science fiction.

There is actually a lot of RPG where you can download and play them for free; however, it may be limited to a few stages only. On the other hand, if you want to play the entire game story, you are required to pay a fixed amount to be able to download and gain unlimited access to the stages of the game.

Just like any other game, you need a character. Most RPGs allow you to create or select your own character. However, there are some RPGs that have their own pre-selected characters for you.

Online RPG for Starters

If you are a beginner or if you have just started the game from the very beginning, you may have to undergo through character tutorial. This character tutorial allows you to know more about your character and how they function. You will also be allowed to buy or select equipment that will get you through the stages. And at the beginning of the game, you will have a run-through of the game’s story.

After all the pre-game tutorials and stories, you are now free to explore the game and get through the stages.

The Benefits of Strategy Games For Girls

According to psychologists, strategy games have many benefits for both girls and boys. These games provide a great workout for their brains in so many ways because they involve counting, adding and subtracting, work with money along with decision making skills like telling predictions, understand patterns, following the rules of the games and the use of reasoning abilities.

There are many issues concerning about children who stay long hours in the computer to play video games. The proper perspective with this matter is to involve children in strategy games and not just any other ordinary games in the interment. It is a matter of choosing and teaching your children what kind of games are beneficial. The entertainment value should not be the main reason but games that require planning and helps develop brain power. The benefits of strategy games are the following:

Improves concentration. With strategy games, concentration will be enhanced greatly because the player is required to keep his focus on the different tasks of the game. Lack of concentration will lead to a defeat with opposing players.

The Benefits of Strategy Games For Girls

Sharper memory. There are different elements involved in a strategy game, a player must be able to remember and unfold its various aspects. By frequently playing this kind of game, the player will be able to enhance memory and subsequently a sharper memory.

Keen observation. To participate in strategy games, the player must be able to recognize the different changes as each level appears to take advantage of the opponents. It requires a keen observation to pass through challenges and stay in the lead.

The Benefits of Strategy Games For Girls

If your children are frequently playing strategy games, there is a visible improvement in the three areas listed above. These skills will help every player to properly plan ahead and helps to think logically. In fact even for older people who lacks brain exercise and for those who fear of slowing down their mental toughness, playing strategy games is a good exercise.

There are many kinds of strategy games you children can play depending on their preference. The most popular are war games but there are other categories to choose from, specifically catering for girls and women.

Another important factor to consider is the selection of websites. The safest and most convenient to play are in flash sites where a player does not have to download the games; thus avoiding viruses and the computer will be free of bulky programs. In this kind of sites, a player can enjoy the true-to-life environment in the bounds of his home. Playing strategy game is also an opportunity to experience how does it feels to win and can elevate one’s worth. To engage in more serious competition, there are games that involve multiplayers battling their way to win the battles and rank among the best worldwide.

Now, for so many concerns over the growing population of children who play computer games, do not worry because with the right game, your children will gain many positive benefits.

Top Five Strategy Games For Android

For October 2013, there are five emerging strategy games for android. These are properly selected based on their features, easy to play and most of all loved by gamers in the online world. The following games are:

1. Lords and Knights

This strategy game is developed by Xyrality GmbH. Players can build their own castles and hire a powerful army to fight against so many players. In here, the player’s skills and strategies are tested on how to develop a technique that can capture castles from enemies. If you are an excellent player, you will experience how to become a ruler of an empire.

2. War Lords: The Three Kingdoms

This game is developed by Animoca Collective to be one of the popular strategy games in the cyber world. Join players from all over the world to form an alliance to build a huge empire. If a player wants to increase power, an upgrade is available for the kingdom, lead the army and join in epic battles. In order to make it to the top rank, the player must fight for glory.

Top Five Strategy Games For Android

3. Clash of Lords

This strategy game is newly developed by The player must complete the battles, collect minerals and be a leader of fire-breathing dragons. To unlock and create challenges and maps, the player must work with friends. Study how to conquer the world and become among the best in the world.

Top Five Strategy Games For Android

4. Knights and Dragons

Knights and Dragons is developed by GREE, INC. It is an epic game that goes through challenges to defeat the legendary beasts in a fast battle. There are tournaments happening every week, a player can go solo or team up with friends to battle against players from all over the world. Build a team of heroes and collect very rare treasures to unlock an armor.

5. Parallel Kingdom MMO

This game is developed by PerBlue. In this game, the player will experience to explore dungeons and become a leader to combat enemies. The good news about Parallel Kingdom is that it can be downloaded free and a trading system is played to purchase the game’s currency. Just like any other games, the aim is to be in the global rank and rule the kingdom.

Try these games and experience for yourself why are they considered top strategy games for android.

Overview Of MMORPG Games

In 1996, it is believed that the first MMORPG, the Meridian 59 was first shown and this new genre gained its popularity in 1997 with the game Ultima Online. To give you an overview of MMORPG games, here is a short and informative article.

Overview Of MMORPG Games

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) came into the picture through MUDs. Each game has thousands of players logging in to be in another world; in fact the games became a huge business. Over time, there were many attempts to make a successful MMORPG but they failed until the birth of Everquest and it became a huge success. The Sony Online Entertainment released the game and in 2004, it was commercially successful and marked the start of the MMORPG’s modern era.

Generally, the players in MMPORPG games have clients that allow them to log in to the games and they charge a minimal amount for subscription service especially for better games.

The reason behind the success of the MMORPG is their continuing drive to change with time by enhancing and working on to improve the games. With this endeavor, more and more game enthusiasts are hooked, they find new quests and zones, as a result, the business will expand more in the future because will have to buy the additional features to enjoy the games more.

The big success of these games has pushed game companies to make their own version and to be part of the market. In the news, there are plans to make an MMORPG based on books, movies and games that exist such as Star Trek, The Matrix, Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons.

Recently, when people talk about MMORPG, it is inevitable to discuss World of Warcraft because it history, selling over 240,000 copies in its first twenty-four hours in the market and as of the first quarter of 2013, copies sold worldwide reached 1.5 million and about 500,000 gamers are online.

After these remarkable and blockbuster games, there are many MMORPG in the market and players have a wide selection to choose from.

Army Commander Game Information

The plot of the army commander game evolves in the harvest campaign together with the Prophet of Regret. Unlike other commanders, the leader is smaller but he is capable of doing excellent tactics. During battles, the army commander is using a gravity hammer which has special abilities and wears a strong powered armor.

During the harvest, the commander respects the human and never fails to encourage in worst situations. He likes to eat thorn beast and prefers that it will be cooked rare.

During the game, there are specific details to enjoy its optimum performance. These are:


Inheritance – adds ability to the usual attacks.

Birthright – has the ability to pull enemies during combats.

Destiny – adds power to the hammer.


Tsunami – can increase the effect of the damage.

Hurricane – adds another level of damage.

Singularity – the highest level of damage.

Army Commander Game Information

Unique features

Chopper – this unit is available in the factory and can replace the ghost.

Brutes – it is armed with shots.

Grunt squads – these are led by the Brutes and armed with shots replacing the elites.

The leader’s ability is the vortex. When it is activated, a spiral vortex appears, tearing and crashing everything and when it is cancelled, it explodes causing more damage to the area.

To add more fun and information about the game, here is a trivia:

The army commander is the only hero unit that was not able to appear in Halo Wars and the only leading character who is unnamed.

The voice is dubbed by Marc Worden.

The leader card is the only card that ensembles an image from the game Halo3.

The names of the upgrades are dangerous natural calamities. A hurricane is a strong storm coupled with winds of hundred miles per hour, a tsunami is a huge tidal wave and a singularity is famously known as the black hole.

Army Commander Game Information

If the army commander upgrades a birthright, he has the power to pull all his enemies towards him.

With this exciting plot and unique features of the game, it is no doubt that this game is making waves in the cyber world.

Facts About The Conqueror Game

You do not need any time travel machine to experience war in 200 B.C. The conqueror game will let you experience a tactical simulation and how they strategize to expand territories of the Republic of Roman. The game covers two specific periods: the war against Philip V or known as the Second Macedonian War where Rome invaded Greece and controlled them and the war against the Selequid king named Antiochus or better known as the Syrian War where Rome first stepped in the continent of Asia. In the latter part of the game, it uses two maps, from the Romans and the Macedonians.

Facts About The Conqueror Game

Along the course of the game, the plot expands after five centuries, when the Roman Empire fell and Europe became a place of petty warlords and clans of barbarians struggling at the beginning of Feudalism. It is also during this time, at the last days of the First Millennium when nations were battling through the ships of fire and bloodshed. It was a cruel time, dynasties emerged and riches were made. Great leaders were consumed after forcing their way to have greater power, like Charlemagne, who dreamed of being a sole heir of the Emperor of Rome.

Facts About The Conqueror Game

The makers of conqueror game take inspiration on the history and made it as one of the multiplayer strategy games on the internet. The game is easy to learn but very challenging as it goes even deeper to taking risks. Try playing this game on the web with other 15 players as opponents, there are short games that could last for thirty minutes or take the longer game for at least four hours. The system is ingenious; players can do the tasks simultaneously without waiting for co-players to manipulate their moves.

There is a big news for enthusiasts of the conqueror game, the version is completely reworked using the web standards and HTML5 but the rules of both versions are the same.

Facts About The Conqueror Game

Truly, games on the internet if properly screened, will offer players a value of entertainment and education.

The War of Empire Games

The war of empire game is a strategy game and a computer game of real-time tactics. It was developed by Creative Assembly and Sega published the game in March of 2009. The setting of the game evolved around the 18th century and new versions have come up after it was launched.

Like in any other war titles, the style and interface of the game is almost similar, players can choose a faction in the 18th century and must ensure the domination over its opponents by reinforcing the military force, espionage, diplomacy and economics. The game’s element is turn-based but players have an option to make it a real-time battle. In addition, aside from the standard campaign, it has a special campaign following the development of the Independence during the American War. Aside from serious battles, players can enjoy other historical battles like the Battle of Rossbach, Battle of Fontenoy, Battle of Lagos and Battle of Brandywine. True enough, the game presents a wide range of settings that players all over the world can choose the theme they like to play.

The War of Empire Games

The game is designed to be a team game but can be played individually. For an optimum experience, team up with your friends and form a group that will climb the ladder of victory.

The War of Empire Games

The game received a positive response from its targeted market, critics even commended as one of the best thought title in recent times. Also, the game was praised for the extensive strategies, historical challenges are accurate and the true-to-life visual effects. The real-time battles are successfully implemented. On the other hand, there are some shortcomings of the game in the aspects of artificial intelligence and the naval battles were hard to perceive and difficult to coordinate and control.

The War of Empire Games

In totality, the game was commercially successful because it topped the sales charts in just a matter of one week.